Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is shared hosting?

    Shared hosting means your website will be hosted on a web server along with our other shared hosting clients. Our servers are very reliable and secure.

  2. What scripting languages do you support?

    Our servers run on Windows and Linux platforms. We support ASP, ASP.Net, ColdFusion MX, Perl, and PHP.

  3. Do you support Access, MySQL or MS SQL Server?

    Our Economy, Developer, and Business Plans all support Microsoft Access and MySQL. You can use our online control panel to setup your ODBC Datasources. Only our Enterprise Plan comes with an MS SQL Server database, but it can be added to any plan for an extra $15/month (250 MB Database).

  4. Do you offer any kind of website statistics?

    Yes, we provide website statistics for your website. You can access your statistics through your control panel.

  5. What is bandwidth and how much do I need?

    Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred whenever a visitor hits your site. 5GB of bandwidth (amount included in the Economy Plan) should be more than enough for most hosting accounts. This would support a couple million hits per month depending on how much content you have on your web site.

  6. How do I setup my POP3 email?

    The first step to setting up your email would be to create your email account in our control panel. Once you have done so, enter these settings in your email client (ie. Outlook Express)

    POP3 Server (incoming):
    SMTP Server (outgoing):
    Login Name: <your full email address>
    Password: <your email password>

    Last step would be to check the box labled "My server requires authentication". This prevents others (email spammers) from using our mail server to send spam or unsolicited emails. If you need further assistance setting up your email, please email support at and we will gladly assist you with your email setup.

  7. What is your uptime guarantee?

    We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If we fall below this rate, you will have your next month of hosting for free.

  8. In your order form, what do you mean by "Domain Transfer"?

    Domain Transfer simply means you want web hosting, but you already have a domain name. You do not need to transfer your registrar to us. All you would need to do is change your DNS Servers for your domain name to ours:

    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    If you want to keep your own DNS Server, you may do that as well. You would then have to point your HOST Record to your new IP that we assign you when you order.

  9. Do you have 24/7 support?

    Yes, we monitor our systems 24/7. In your control panel, you may send a support ticket to our technician with your problem and we will respond to your issue as soon as possible.

  10. When do you bill us your hosting fees?

    Hosting fees are billed to your credit card on the 1st of every month. If you sign up in the middle of the month, your first charge will be a prorated rate based on when you had signed up. All subsequent charges will be your normal rate plan.

  11. Is your order form secure?

    Yes, we use the latest SSL encryption for our order form. You will notice a gold lock at the bottom of your browser that will indicate a secure site. For customers with recurring billing, we also follow strict PCI DSS compliance for storage of sensitive data so you can be sure your information is safe with us.

  12. Do you support Microsoft FrontPage Extensions?

    Yes, all of our plans support FrontPage 2002 Extensions.

  13. Is there a cancellation fee?

    No, there are no contracts or cancellation fees. You may cancel hosting at any time by submitting a support ticket with your request. Any prepaid hosting amounts past the current month will be prorated and refunded. If you have registered a domain name, that fee can not be refunded but you will have ownership of that domain name until it expires.

  14. There are many hosting companies. Why should I choose Anumina?

    We offer a fast, reliable, and secure hosting service at an affordable price. Many hosting companies offer cheap hosting, but you get cheap service along with that. Support is our #1 priority for our clients.